'It's a 100% mobilisation': day one of Russia's drive to build its army

Reports ethnic minorities may be disproportionately affected while protesters in Moscow drafted on arrest

Summons delivered to eligible men at midnight. Schoolteachers pressed into handing out draft notices. Men given an hour to pack their things and appear at draft centres. Women sobbing as they sent th… [+6085 chars]


NVIDIA reveals new US government rule restricting export of AI chips to China and Russia

The US government has introduced and immediately started imposing a new rule that would restrict the export of computer chips used for supercomputers and artificial intelligence to Russia and China. NVIDIA has revealed in a SEC filing that the government has …

Australian artist removes Ukraine-Russia mural

The street mural in Australia controversially depicted Ukrainian and Russian soldiers hugging.

Russia blocks nuclear treaty agreement over Ukraine reference

A number of countries criticise Russia as it blocks a joint UN declaration on nuclear security.

Manizha: Russian Eurovision star faces hate campaign over opposition to Ukraine war

Manizha, who represented Russia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, has opposed the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine war: Russia postpones referendum in occupied region

Ukrainian shelling forces Russia to delay a referendum in the key southern city of Kherson.


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