Ron DeSantis launches 2024 White House presidential bid

The Florida governor announces his campaign, challenging Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.

The Republican governor of Florida has built a national profile with his combative brand of cultural conservatism. DeSantis, 44, is a relative newcomer to US politics, having first been elected to … [+764 chars]


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Ron DeSantis-aligned oversight board votes to countersue Disney

This latest move is part of an escalating dispute between Disney and Florida's Republican governor.

The Morning After: White House proposes a 30 percent tax on electricity used for crypto mining

The Biden administration wants to impose a 30 percent tax, called the Digital Asset Mining Energy or DAME excise tax, on the electricity used for cryptocurrency mining. It explained it wants to tax crypto-mining companies because they aren't paying for the "f…

The White House is examining how companies use AI to monitor workers

The Biden administration is preparing to examine how companies use artificial intelligence to monitor and manage workers. According to Bloomberg , the White House will publish a blog post later today that invites American workers to share how automated too…

Ron DeSantis spells out possibility to cement ‘7-2 conservative majority’ on Supreme Court

Ahead of an expected White House bid in the coming days, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spelled out the possibility to build a “7-2 conservative majority” on the ...

Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Chinese Citizens From Buying Land In Florida

The governor has spent recent weeks attempting to burnish his foreign affairs credentials ahead of an expected White House bid.


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