Ed Sheeran: Self-confessed Pokemon obsessive teams up with gaming franchise for new single - Sky News

Self-confessed Pokemon obsessive Ed Sheeran has teamed up with the makers of the video game series on his new single. The track is entitled Celestial and is out on 29 September, with the accompanyin… [+1646 chars]


Ipswich unveil Ed Sheeran-designed third kit - Reuters

Singer Ed Sheeran has collaborated with League One club Ipswich Town on the design for their new "blackout" third kit.

British Airways to cut winter schedule capacity - Sky News - Reuters

British Airways would make further cancellations up to the end of October and cut thousands of flights from its winter schedule following Heathrow airport's decision to cap capacity to tackle widespread disruption, Sky News reported on Monday.

Sky News apologises for report mistaking protest for royal crowds

Sarah-Jane Mee mistook a march at Trafalgar Square for Chris Kaba, who was shot by a Met officerSky News has apologised after one of its reporters incorrectly told viewers that a protest march following the killing of Chris Kaba, who was shot by a Metropolita…

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Get a Free Shiny Eternatus at GameStop - CNET

Visit the video game retailer to get a free code for the shiny legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Can Get Shiny Snom for a Limited Time - CNET

The shiny Pokemon is appearing in Max Raids until Sept. 18.

Pokemon Go Inkay Limited Research Event: Shiny Inkay, Bonuses and More - CNET

Pokemon Go players will soon have their first chance to catch a shiny Inkay.


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