Ukraine war: Most of Kyiv spends night without power after missiles

Russian attacks on infrastructure are depriving Ukrainians of heat and water as winter sets in.

Around 70% of the Ukrainian capital remained without power on Thursday morning, as work continued to restore the city's water supply. Russian attacks on energy facilities have caused power cuts acro… [+2788 chars]


Ukraine war: UN nuclear watchdog to inspect Ukrainian sites

The visit comes after Russian accusations that Kyiv is planning to use so-called dirty bombs.

Banksy uses Ukraine as a canvas

The footage shows the anonymous British artist working around Kyiv - but never reveals his face.

Ukraine war: Kyiv water supply restored but blackouts remain

Parts of Kyiv fall dark, despite power and water being restored after Russian attacks on Monday.

Kyiv attacked as world leaders meet at G20

Kyiv has been attacked by missiles, the city's mayor says, as world leaders condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine war: Celebrations as Kyiv takes back key city Kherson

An official says Ukraine's troops are "almost fully in control" after Russia completed its retreat.

Ukraine war: Kyiv warns Iran of consequences for supporting Russia

Western officials believe Russia is using Iranian drones to target Ukrainian infrastructure.

Ukraine war: Russia denies responsibility for Poland blast

Two people are killed in a missile strike in Poland, with Moscow and Kyiv trading blame over the blast.

Tears as first Kyiv train arrives in freed Kherson

Crowds gathered on a bridge to welcome the train as families reunited after months apart.


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