Anwar Ibrahim sworn in as Malaysian PM after post-election deadlock

After a decades-long quest to become prime minister, Mr Anwar has finally risen to the top job.

Malaysia's veteran opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been sworn in as the country's new prime minister, after several days of post-election deadlock. The new leader was appointed by King Sultan Ab… [+3215 chars]


Malaysia elects first ever hung parliament

The country is left in political limbo after no coalition gains enough seats to form a government.

Once again, Malaysia's Anwar bids to become prime minister - Reuters

After two decades as opposition leader, Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim was poised to finally become prime minister in 2020. But his alliance collapsed from infighting, leaving him as far away as ever from the top job.

Malaysia's Muhyiddin, Anwar race to form government as turmoil drags on - Reuters

Muhyiddin Yassin, a former prime minister, and rival opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim were vying for support from potential coalition partners on Monday, to meet a deadline set by the king after an election delivered Malaysia's first hung parliament.

Factbox: Malaysia's prime minister candidates in upcoming poll - Reuters

Malaysia will go to the polls on Nov. 19th in what is set to be a highly competitive race between three major coalitions led by incumbent Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, long-time opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, and former premier Muhyiddin Yassin.

Malaysian leaders kick off election campaigns in tight race - Reuters

Malaysian political leaders began their election campaigning on Saturday for what is set to be a close race, with incumbent Prime Minister Ismail Sabri facing off with veterans Anwar Ibrahim and Muhyiddin Yassin.

Malaysia elections: record turnout brings polling station queues

Election is first to be held since law change lowered voting age to 18 and automatically registered votersMalaysians queued at polling stations on Saturday to vote in an unpredictable general election in which millions of young and first-time voters could dec…

Malaysia's Anwar: for now there is no question about forming a minority government - Reuters

Malaysia's king needs more time to make a decision on who to appoint as the country's next prime minister, opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim said on Tuesday after an audience at the palace.

Rival Malaysia parties need to form alliances to win election, poll shows - Reuters

Malaysia's opposing political blocs will need to form an alliance to stand a chance of governing after this month's general election, with none likely to win a simple majority, an opinion poll showed on Friday.


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