'It just feels right': Federer embraces final bow alongside great rivals

The circumstances are fitting with the former world No 1 Roger Federer ending his playing career after his doubles match alongside Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup

'The most important player in my career': Nadal on Federer's retirement video Roger FedererThe circumstances are fitting with the former world No 1 ending his playing career by teaming up with Rafae… [+3615 chars]


Roger Federer 'stopped believing' he could continue playing amid injury problems

Roger Federer says his decision to retire came after he "stopped believing" he could continue playing because of injuries.

Roger Federer to retire after Laver Cup in September

Roger Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam singles champion, will retire from top-level tennis after the Laver Cup in London later this month.

Playing final match on Friday alongside Rafael Nadal would be 'special,' says Roger Federer

After numerous close battles against each other over the years, Roger Federer said it would be a "special moment" to be able to partner Rafael Nadal in the final match of his career.

How a ballboy became a legend: Roger Federer's career highlights – video

Roger Federer has announced in a social media post he will retire next week at the age of 41 after the Laver Cup in London, marking the end of one of the greatest sporting careers. Here are some of the most important moments in the professional career of the …

Whatever the numbers say, Federer's artistry was unrivalled - Reuters

The vacuous debate over who is the greatest male tennis player of all time will not cease now that Roger Federer has decided to hang up his racket and bask in the glow of his dazzling career.

Ten landmark matches in the career of Roger Federer - Reuters

Roger Federer said he will retire from competitive tennis following next week's Laver Cup in London. Following are 10 landmark matches from the 20-times Grand Slam champion's career:


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